Apex 10GBase-T Solutions

Industry: 10GBase-T Has Matured to Warrant Widespread Adoption

The first of many RFIs regarding what has become the 10GBase-T standard was presented to various IEEE 802.3 working committees for review in mid-2002. Since then, the IEEE fully adopted the 10GBase-T standard, now officially called the 802.3an standard in early-2006. However, the standard experienced a number of teething and growing pains. Hardware and firmware manufacturers (namely makers of the single chip PHY controllers) have developed solutions to the problems that confronted the fledgling standard in 2006.

New Solutions Will Drive Widespread Adoption by Year End

Now that the major issue of power consumption/dissipation has been addressed by PHY chip makers, the enterprise arena is set to undertake major adoption of the 802.3an 10GBase-T Ethernet over copper standard. And some new 10GBase-T solutions from some of the industry's biggest players will add even more momentum to the widespread adoption of 10GBase-T Ethernet over copper by the end of the year.

Device makers are rolling out new products that take advantage of LAN on the motherboard (LOM) technology and that also leverage 10GBase-T and other single-chip 10Gbps solutions. Server manufacturers such as Dell, IBM, HP, and either have released, or are releasing 1U and 2U (single rack unit and double rack unit) servers, with LOM and single chip technologies. In fact, a total of more than 20 new products leveraging the 10GBase-T Ethernet standard are slated for release by the end of 2012.

Approximately 600,000 10GBase-T ports shipped in 2011. As of this writing, sales are on pace to be more than double that by the end of 2012. And, with the fact that the newest 28-nm PHY chips (that are supposed to be available for inclusion in devices by early 2013), are supposed to correct per port power consumption down to 2.5 Watts per port, you can expect the sales projection numbers for 2013 to be even more impressive than 2012 sales.

Although 2012 will be seen as the year of major enterprise adoption of the 10GBase-T standard, chances are that 2012 will just be the start; 2013 will most likely see double digit millions of ports being shipped.