Apex 10GBase-T Solutions

Advanced Network Consulting and Design Services

The goal of Advanced Network Consulting Services is to make sure that all of your network needs are met and to assure a professional implementation. At Advanced Network Consulting we provide network consulting services for both wide-area network (WAN) as well as Data Center Design, local-area network (LAN) and storage-area-network (SAN). No matter if you're looking to undertake a new project or are expanding or upgrading an existing network infrastructure, ANC's network engineers are ready to design solutions that will compliment your mission-critical business systems.

Network Design Services

ANC provides a full-service network services which includes the following:

  • A full analysis of your current and projected business needs
  • Delivering a complete network structure and organization
  • Built-in adaptability for when network demand increases
  • All hardware that constitutes the network
  • Design and implementation of all network security policies
  • Full compliance with all international network standards
  • Shaping and tuning network traffic for optimal network use
  • Network performance monitoring using state-of-the-art tools
  • Complete manageability and upgradability

Advanced Network Consulting's Goal

At ANC our goal is to design a complete network for our customers that are easy to manage, flexible to adapt to changing business and technical needs, and cost-effective to maximize ROI, return on investment. Our design will account for all of your network needs:

  • Availability approaching 100%
  • Affordability
  • Security
  • Scalability to grow with you
  • Manageability

Advanced Network Consulting has the experience to design the converged voice and data network solution that your business requires for enterprise level networks big and small:

  • Certified cabling installation
  • Top-of-the-line LAN switching solutions
  • All of the most complex protocol configurations
  • Complete Internet connectivity and security

Advanced Network Consulting provides a complimentary one hour network evaluation.