Arista Networks 10GBase-T Solutions

Arista Networks: 10GBase-T Switches and Data Center Solutions

Arista Networks was founded to provide cloud networking solutions and software defined networking (SDN) for high-performance computing environments and large data centers. Arista has a full line of network switches that can fulfill any mission critical data center based upon their Extensible Operating System (EOS) and the low-latency claim in the industry.

Arista's Extensible Operating System Enables Software Defined Networking

Arista's EOS is a highly modular software design that's based upon a unique multi-processor state sharing architecture. EOS provides a foundation for cloud networks and next-gen data centers and business needs. One unique feature of the EOS is that is completely separates the state of the networking from the processing itself.

The Arista 7100-Series: The Highest 100GbE Density Switches in the Industry

The Arista 7100 series family of network switches are available with up to 64-ports, and are some of the lowest-latency (<380 nsec), high-performance layer 2/3/4 1/10GBase-T Ethernet switches for the data center. The 7100T, Arista's newest, adds both auto-negotiation RJ45 Ethernet ports as well as SFP+ uplink ports, and support hot-swappable power and cooling that are redundant in a 1RU form factor offering front-to-rear airflow no matter which mounting direction is chosen.

The 7500 Series: Arista's Flagship Platform for Large, High-Speed Data Centers

Arista's 7500 series switches are the winners of various industry awards, including Network World's Clear Choice Award. The DSC-7508 offers 384 RJ45 ports and is capable of switching 5.7 billion frames per second and can move multicast traffic to more than 4000 groups. The 7500-series is available in either eight slot or four slot configurations, with the eight-slot configuration offering 384 ports and the four-slot offering 192 ports.

The Arista 7150 Series: Offering Ultra-Low-Latency and Low Power Draw

The 7150 series switches offer low-latency of either 350 or 380 nanoseconds and total power draw of as low as 191 Watts in both 24- and 52-port configurations and only 224 Watts in the 48-port configuration. The 7150 series also offers an array of features such as Hardware Network Address Translation and VLAN to VXLAN gateways for stateful VM Mobility across L3 boundaries.

Arista is recognized as one of the industry's leading suppliers of high performance low-latency Gigabit Ethernet Switches. Industry pundits predict an explosion in the number of ports sold in the last half of 2012. Now might be the time for you to make the move to 10GBase-T for your data center as well.