Brocade Networks 10GBase-T Solutions

Brocade Networks: Comprehensive 10GBase-T Solutions

Brocade may not be as well-known or visible as some of the other companies that provide 10GBase-T Ethernet switching solutions, but their products can be found in over 90 percent of the Global 1000 data centers, as well as large enterprise LANs and the networks of some of the largest service providers.

Brocade VDX 8770

The VDX 8770 offers scalability, low-latency 10GBase-T Ethernet switching in a modular design. Scalable up to 256 ports, the 8770 is filled with advanced features, including support up to 100Gbase-T Ethernet. Maximum uptime is achieved with redundant load-sharing power supplies and fan units that are hot-swappable.

The VDX 6730 is the smaller cousin of the 8770. It has a fixed configuration and offers up to 60 10GBase-T ports (LAN Ports-On-Demand in the 6730-76). Port-to-port latency is only 600 nanoseconds within a 10 port group. Reliability is kept high with two field-swappable power supplies.

Brocade's VDX 6720 is an ideal fixed-configuration Top of Rack (ToR) 10GBase-T Ethernet switching solution offering up to 1,200 Gbps switching bandwidth in the 6720-60 model. The 6720-24 is a 1U rack-mount model offering up to 24 ports on demand while the 6720-60 is a 2U model offering up to 60 ports on demand. Again, high reliability is maintained with dual, load-sharing field hot-swappable power supplies and three fan units.

The ICX 6610 can be seen as a "mid-level" 10GBase-T Ethernet switching solution. This model comes in a stackable configuration for scalability and economy. The 6610-24P and 6610-48P offer up to 48 PoE ports and eight 10GBase-T Ethernet SFP/SFP+ ports. All models off the same level of high-reliability through multiple redundant hot-swappable power supplies as the higher priced units. Stacking bandwidth is up to 320 Gbps in full duplex, with a maximum switching capacity of 576 Gbps in the 6610-48P.

The 6450 series of switches is Brocade's entry-level "economy"" family of switches with class-leading features. Intelligent and highly scalable, these units can grow with you and your network, without breaking your budget. You'll get four 1/10 GbE SFP/SFP+ ports for uplink and stacking with either 24 or 48 RJ-45 ports (1Gbase-T). Max switching capability is 176 Gbps in the 6450-48P.

If you're ready to join some of the largest data centers and cloud service providers, it's time to move up to Brocade Networks family of 10GBase-T Ethernet switches.