Cisco Networks 10GBase-T Solutions

Cisco 10GBase-T: The 800 Pound Gorilla in Network Switches

Cisco has been one of the largest suppliers of networking equipment for the past 30 years or so. Cisco's presence in the network hardware realm is nothing short of immense, from home routers to campus area switches and every cloud in between. As befits a power player in the market, Cisco's 10GBase-T offerings range from those that are perfect for the small data center and network, to ones that are able to power even the largest data centers in the world.

Cisco's Campus LAN Products

Cisco's Catalyst 6500 series switch is the company's flagship product for campus LAN distribution and core services. The 6500 is 40G-capable and offers up to 360 10GBase-T ports and 1068 1Gbase-T ports with a VSS system. The total list of features and capabilities of this product line is truly impressive to see.

Access Switches for the Campus LAN

The Catalyst 4500 is the only switch that offers Cisco's Universal-Power-Over-Ethernet on 134 ports (60 Watts per port), Power-Over-Ethernet-Plus (PoE+) on 269 ports, and 384 ports with standard PoE. The 4500 is only one of the 16 products in this product family.

Compact Campus LAN Switches

The Compact Campus LAN Switches are designed to be placed where compact sizes are a requirement, such as customer kiosks, warehouses, and conference rooms. The help to reduce the cost of cabling dramatically, allow you to deploy your switches wherever and whenever you need to, and eliminate the need for power outlets for switches and devices with PoE capability. They also provide for the protection of network data when placed remotely with encryption.

Data Center Switches-Powering the Cloud into the Future

The Cisco Nexus line of data center switches delivers industry-leading performance and features, using Cisco's proprietary NX-OS operating system. The Nexus 7000 is available in either four, nine, ten, and eighteen slot configurations with up to 768 10GBase-T ports. For smaller data centers, Cisco also offers the Nexus 5000, 3000, 2000, 1100, and 1000V series switches.

Ultra Low-Latency 10GBase-T Switch

The new Cisco Nexus 3548 offers the new Algorithm Boost or Algo Boost Silicon Chip capabilities along with exceptional visibility and latency less than 250 nanoseconds for the ultimate unified fabric for high-performance trading and big data environments.

Cisco Service Provider Lines-Ethernet Access and Aggregation Switches

Power your NOC with Cisco's provider lines of switches. These lines will deliver ease of use and configuration, integrated security, virtualization, uninterrupted communications, and many other features.

Whether you're building a data center or upgrading your network, there's a Cisco 10GBase-T Ethernet switch for you.