Extreme Networks 10GBase-T Solutions

Extreme Networks 10GBase-T: Quality Data Center Performance

Like their name implies, products from Extreme Networks deliver extreme quality and performance, with a whole line of Top of Rack 10GBase-T Switch for your network or data center. Extreme advertises that their lineup of 10GBase-T solutions is growing 133 percent as fast as their competitors. What this means is that you have many choices in 10GBase-T Ethernet switching solutions from Extreme Networks.

Summit X670 Switches

The Summit X670 delivers top-of-rack performance for enterprise networks and data centers, with 48 RJ45 ports and 40GbE uplink ports. Coupled with the new Black Diamond X8 copper blade the X670 will support up to 384 total ports in the chassis. In independent Lippis Reports testing, both switch families tested up to ten times faster than products from their competitors.

Summit X650 Series

The Summit X650 family is a 1U form factor rack mount switch supporting up to 32 RJ45 ports in a single system and up to 192 in a stacked system. The optional VIM3-40G4X adds four 40GbE uplink ports. The X650 also supports both IPv4 and IPv6 and provides ultra-low-latency. With various optional modules, configuration possibilities are almost endless.

The Summit X480 is normally a GBase-T switching solution, but can be configured to support up to six ports in a single system and up to sixteen in a stacked system, using a standard XFP interface.

Using SummitStack-V, the Summit X460 supports six 10GBase-T ports in a single system and up to 32 in a stacked configuration using a standard SFP+ interface. Providing highly scalable Layer 2/3 switching and MPLS/Hierarchical Virtual Private LAN Service, the X460 supports up to 32,000 Layer 2 MAC addresses or 12,000 IPv4 or 6,000 IPv6 LPM routing tables.

The Summit X450a is another native Gigabit Ethernet switch with support for 10GBase-T Ethernet switching using SFP+ uplinks. Using the SummitStack, the X450a also supports 40GbE stacking ports.

Extreme's list of 10GBase-T Ethernet-enabled products continues with chassis and access switches. With new products around the corner, and prices dropping, it just might be time to join the move to 10GBase-T in your network or data center.